How to set up the header and the layout styles

Our Modular theme comes with two header layouts. You can set up your desired layout from your Customize theme settings page. On your admin dashboard, go to Online Store > Theme> Modular theme > Customize > Header.

See below for a screenshot and brief description of each header layout:


Standard Layout:

The Standard layout features the Menu list, Logo and Search, Cart & Account icons on the far right. On the Standard layout, there are some options to change the position of the Logo and Menu list. This can be changed from the header settings (Online Store> Theme> Modular theme> Customize theme> Header)
  • Logo Position: Center or Left
  • Menu links Position: Center or Right.

You can preview this layout from the theme's preset demo stores below:


Hamburger Layout:

The Hamburger layout features a Hamburger Menu Icon, Logo, and Cart Icon. This is layout is designed as a minimal layout for the header as shown above. 

Please note: If you have so many links that they would overflow the header on the Standard layout, the hamburger menu is enabled. This change keeps your store looking clean and ensures a clutter-free user experience. Once you remove a few links or condense them into dropdown menus, the hamburger menu will be disabled.